Some of the laws of football are outdated. They were developed and first codified — arbitrarily — over 150 years ago to administer a developing game. Almost everything else about the game has changed immeasurably in the intervening time, but the laws that govern the game have remained steadfastly protected…

Imagine the slack-jawed look of incredulity you’d get as you tried explaining to a Mancunian railroad worker in 1878 how the club he’d just established with his co-workers to play a few games of football against other local railroad workers, would go on to become a globally recognised brand valued…

Acres and acres of sand. Just as the landscape of the deathly-difficult and oft-treacherous Bethpage Black Golf Course is strikingly dominated by the ubiquity of bunkers, the 2019 PGA Championship field at the Long Island course was dominated, fittingly, by a long-driving and supremely confident Brooks Koepka.

Red Bull’s forage into football

Germany (or at least part of Germany) has stopped to watch. The Bull throws his athletic, muscular frame between the enemy and the ball, touches the ball out of reach and with explosive power and elegance that belies such a powerful beast he ghosts past two more and stabs the…

Chris Freestone

Global sport. The stories and the stats. @cj_freestone

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